Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I pay for my purchase?  You may pay for the items with your PayPal account, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. We use PayPal's Merchant Services to process all credit card transactions. 

Can I pay by check?  Yes, you may; however, we cannot ship your purchased items until we receive your check and verify funds.  Make checks out to Sensing Nature and mail to P.O. Box 8042 Seminole, FL 33775. 

How long does it typically take before my purchase is shipped?  Typically we ship all purchased items within 3-5 days, then you would receive your items depending on the shipping you method selected.

Is the photography printed on acid-free media? Yes all photography is printed on acid-free media.

Can I get any other frame color/design options?  Contact us at info@sensingnature.com for price quote for special orders.

If I know of other fine art images that are not shown on the Sensing Nature website, can I still order them, or would I need to track down the artist?  Sensing Nature has close relationships with all artists displaying their work on our website.  If you would like to purchase a specific image that is not shown on our website, please email us at info@sensingnature.com with the artist's name and title of the image for a quote.

Can I get my organization's name printed on the Sensing Nature t-shirts?  Yes you can.  Depending on your specific requirements, a minimal to no-fee may be required to add "...Your Organization Name Here..." However, minimum orders (t-shirt units) would be required.  Please email us at info@sensingnature.com with your organization's requests and we will be glad to work with you.

If we sign up for your email list, do you ever share our information with others? NO. We do not share your private information with anyone outside of Sensing Nature®. We do not appreciate receiving unwanted or unsolicited email or SPAM ourselves, and we especially do not want our customers receiving SPAM as the result of our actions. 

How exactly are your products “green” and/or sustainable?  At Sensing Nature®, we strive to be as eco-conscience as we can and we are always looking for new ways to improve. Some of our eco-actions are listed below:

 T-shirt Printing Process

Direct Ink Transfer

  • Makes All Sensing Nature T-shirts More Environmentally Friendly
  • Less Environmental Hazards than Silk Screen Process
  • Almost No Wasted Ink

All “Scrap” T-shirts Reused or Donated

100% Organic Cotton T-shirts

Cotton from Certified Organic Cotton Farmers

  • No Pesticides, Fertilizers or Genetically Engineered Seeds
  • In accordance with USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP)

Cotton Gins & Yarn Spinners

  • Certified Independent 3rd Parties to NOP standards

Material Always Clearly Identified and Tracked through Cutting and Sewing Process

Tote Canvas Bags

Promotes Use of a Sustainable Alternative to Plastic and Paper Bags

Durable and Very Functional Bags for Long Duration of Use

Great for Field Books, Groceries, Work or Play

Nature Photography

Shares Intrinsic Qualities of Nature that Many People Never See or Experience

Opens Opportunities to Provide Environmental Education

Often Taken during Educational Eco-Tours or Eco-Tour Preparations

Used in Sensing Nature Educational Programming & Community Booth Outreach

 Matting & Framing

Mat Sizes Reduce Waste

  • Sizes Provide the Best Use from Every Mat Board
  • “Scrap” Pieces are Used as Matting for the Next Smaller Image
  • Final Leftover Mat Pieces are Donated to Schools & Others


Environmental Education Opportunity

  • Photo Images are Identified to Enhance the Connection & Appreciation of Nature

Envelopes Contain 100% Recycled Content

  • At Least 20% Post Consumer Waste

Notecard Bag is Biodegradable, Sustainable & Certified Compostable

  • Certified by Biodegradable Products Institute World; and
  • DIN Certco under ASTM 6400 and EN 13432


Attractive, Anatomically Correct, Educational Waterbirds Display

Printed on Recycled Paper – 30% Post-consumer Waste

Sensing Nature Website

Hosted through Renewable, Carbon-neutral Wind and Solar Energy