I just ordered and we had a very pleasant shopping experience! Your website is pleasing to view and easy to use - congratulations on a job well done! Kristen F.

I love my Pelican on the Dunes tote bag! The size is perfect and the image is beautiful. I really like the pocket on the front for putting my cell phone and car keys—keeps them quickly accessible. Bonnie M.

I brought your organic River Otter shirt with us on a trip to the Bahamas this summer. I wore your shirt one day and got a lot of compliments. Then later that day I changed into a different t-shirt. I couldn’t believe how cool and comfortable your shirt was compared to my other shirts. So, I just kept washing and wearing your shirt while I was there. I was so glad I had it with me—thanks! Mike F.

I bought (a) Christmas Gift - lovely site. Kathie P.

"Love the panther t-shirt that was a gift after finishing the classes:  the quality of the artwork even after many washings is maintained and is only surpassed by the softness of the organic cotton.  I loved the t-shirt of the spoonbill that you wore on the last day of our workshop, and now I wear it any time "pink" is a needed." Pat F.

What a wonderful evening you provided with your wonderful presentation and courtesies. Excellent, certainly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Thanks for sharing your expertise and time. Dave & Colleen—“Coyote Hunt” Eco-Tour for Dave’s Birthday

Thank you for a delightful and educational day. I learned so much and I’m grateful that you are available to share your extensive knowledge and love of natural Florida…Best wishes for continued success. Debra D, TradeWinds Island Resorts—“Pinellas Beaches FAM(iliarization) Tour” for Pinellas County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Thank you for taking time to address members and visitors at our April 30 meeting. Your presentation about coyotes provided informative and helpful information. We also appreciated your candid response to the questions. Again, our thank you. Dot Miller, USEM Community Association—“Co-existing with Coyotes” Program

The (UF/IFAS Florida Master Naturalist) program was exceptional!...Being able to take this information back to the classroom is invaluable for me as a Science educator. The course instructors Ms. Jeanne Murphy and Mr. Brian Lane, from Sensing Nature exhibited a solid teaching style, and extensive knowledge of our Florida Coastal Ecosystems. Bruce K, 7th Grade Science Teacher—“UF/IFAS Florida Master Naturalist Program”

Sensing Nature came to my Neighborhood Association meeting, and gave a wonderful lecture on litter and its harmful effects on wildlife. I was impressed by their incredible breadth of knowledge on environmental and wildlife issues, and also by the way they tailored their talk and PowerPoint presentation to our neighborhood's specific needs and problems. I look forward to hearing them speak again! Laura H., Lassing Park Neighborhood Association, St. Petersburg—“Litter Consuming Wildlife: Is This Our Legacy?” Program

On behalf of the Southeast Region, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to our regional (National Wildlife Refuges) Friends Group Conference, April 9-11, 2010…Your excitement and enthusiasm was reflected in the many positive reactions from the conference attendees over the weekend as well as the comments that continue to be received. Without your efforts, we could not have experienced such a successful event. Mark Musaus, Deputy Regional Director, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior—“Citizen Scientists: Integrating Communities and Research” Program

As you could tell from the applause, your presentation "Identification Above and Below the Bow-Wildlife, Plants, and Habitats" was very well received. In the past we have had guest environmentalists speak to us about Florida's wildlife. What differentiated your presentation from the others was that you opened our eyes to how much diversity there is in Florida…It also made us realize that it is up to everyone of us to do what we can to ensure that our wildlife continues to have a future in our State. The next time our members are on the water, I am sure, they will look at the environment through a different set of eyes. Your presentation through Sensing Nature, LLC will definitely have a lasting effect on our ecological viewpoint. Tom Sobocinski, Vice President, Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers—Identification Above and Below the Bow: Wildlife, Plants, and Habitats"